Earth’s Temperature

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Global Warming is Causing Cold Spells

Extreme Weather has always Occurred

Global warming does not cause an increase in the frequency or severity of cold weather events such as colder than normal winter outbreaks of “The Polar Vortex”. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports it is “very likely” that there have been fewer cold days and nights in recent decades.  The U.N. IPCC reports it is “virtually certain” that there will continue to be decreases in cold temperature extremes.

Climate Change is Causing Accelerated 21st Century Surface Warming

Most Observed Warming is Natural

Almost half of the global warming in the 21st century is due to El Niño events

A major uncertainty in figuring out how much of recent warming has been human-caused is knowing how much nature has caused. The IPCC is quite sure that nature is responsible for less than half of the warming since the mid-1900s, but some climate scientists, politicians, activists, and various green energy pundits go even further, behaving as if warming is 100% human-caused.

U.S. Heat Waves

Heat Waves are Not Increasing

Claims of increased U.S. heat wave frequency and length are often misleading because they ignore the worst heat waves the U.S. ever experienced in the 1930s, even though records are publicly available. According to the best state-of-the-art temperature data available, there has been no sustained increase in maximum temperatures in the United States since 2005. 

U.S. Temperatures are rising dramatically

There are No Real Warming Trends in the US

There has been no significant warming in the United States since at least 2005.  Any claimed recent warming and impacts at specific places in the United States are isolated and indicate random variation rather than long-term warming.

We Need to Limit Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees C°

These Temperatures Are Not Abnormal or Dangerous

Climate alarmists (and the IPCC) say we need to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial times to avoid disastrous consequences, but data show we have already reached such temperatures.European temperature data show temperatures began rising about the year 1890.

Note that this was before the large modern rise in CO2 emissions, and as shown by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, catastrophic predictions of extreme climate change have not come true.

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Is The US surface Temperature Record a Reliable Indicator of Warming?

Too Many Stations are Compromised And Not Maintained

A study in 2009 showed that almost 90% of weather stations used to measure climate in the USA have been compromised by urbanization effects. Some stations were in pristine rural condition years ago when first established, but now have become surrounded by asphalt, concrete, and builds which act as heat sinks, and energy sources such as air conditioner exhausts which raise local temperatures at night.  Another 2015 study1 showed that almost half of the climate warming trend in the USA disappears if data from stations that have not been compromised is used.

Measuring the Earth’s Global Average Temperature is a Scientific and Objective Process

Surface Temperature Records are Distorted

Broad areas of the world don’t have any temperature measurements being made, now or in the past. In order to get a global temperature average, scientists interpolate data from surrounding areas that have data.  When such interpolation is done, the measured global temperature actually increases.

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El Niño

El Niño’s are a natural phenomenon and of little concern

El Niño events in the Pacific Ocean are natural patterns that have been going on for millions of years. It’s true that El Niño events in the 21st century have had some very strong warming spikes. However, if you remove the effect warming El Niño events in the climate record, the amount of warming since 2000, you find almost half of the global warming in the 21st century is due to El Niño events.

Urban Heat Islands Do Not Exaggerate Global Warming

 Urban Heat Islands Distort the Temperature Record

The majority of U.S. temperature stations utilized for NOAA and NASA temperature records have been compromised by encroachment of artificial surfaces like concrete, asphalt, buildings, and air conditioner exhausts. This creates a substantial false warming trend that is responsible for almost half of reported U.S. warming. When only pristine temperature stations are used, warming trends are quite minimal.

We are in the ‘Hottest Ever’ Period Due to Climate Change

Earth’s hottest periods occurred before humans existed.

New studies sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution show that Earth experienced much warmer periods in the past than we have today.  In the recent past global mean temperature appears to have risen by as much as 9-14°F (5-8°C) to an average temperature as high as 73°F compared to the 20th century global average of 56.7°F.

Climate Models have Accurately Predicted 30 Years of Warming

Global Ocean Temperatures are Warming at Only ~50% the Rate of Climate Model Projections

 The 42 years of observations we now have since 1979 (bold black line) shows that warming is occurring much more slowly than the average climate model says it should have.

Instrumental Temperature Records Demonstrate Man-Made Global Warming

Earth has been emerging from a period known as the Little Ice Age as long as we’ve been measuring temperatures

During the height of the Little Ice Age , it was in general about one degree Celsius colder than at present. The Baltic Sea froze over, as did most of the rivers in Europe. Winters were bitterly cold and prolonged, reducing the growing season by several weeks. These conditions led to widespread crop failure, famine, and in some regions population decline.

Unprecedented Heat Wave in Pacific Northwest was Driven by Climate Change

A rare heat wave, but cannot be attributed to climate change

This concurrence of a number of factors coming together at one place and time was why the extreme heat occurred, with a very small assist from global warming, which added a few degrees to an already extreme event.
It is important to note that the atmosphere comes up sixes regularly, but not necessarily in the same place.  The atmosphere is churning with all kinds of variability inherent in the physics of the atmosphere (also called natural variability).  

The 130-Degree F Reading in Death Valley Is A World Record

Con: 134 degrees in 1913 is still the official record and there is no reason to change it.

But here’s something the media tends to ignore. July 1913 had several days at or above 128°F. This is simply “business as usual” for Death Valley. In fact, back in 1913, over 100 years of “global warming” ago, Death Valley’s official weather station at Greenland Ranch also hit 130°F or higher three times that July. This was an intense stretch of hot weather from the 5th through the 14th when the high temperature reached 125°F or higher each and every day. In fact, this 10-day stretch still ranks as the hottest stretch ever recorded in Death Valley. The hottest days in this time period occurred from the 9th through the 13th when the high temperature reached at least 129°F with the hottest being on July 10th when the record-breaking 134°F was measured.

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