Global Warming is Causing Cold Spells

Pro: Climate Change Cause Global Weirding

Here’s a video from Katherin Hayhoe discussing this issue.

It’s freezing outside, so all that talk about global warming is just a bunch of hooey…right?

But how is global warming to blame? (for the cold weather)

The answer is simple: because the phenomenon that causes the polar vortex to break down is known as sudden stratospheric warming, where the upper layers of the atmosphere increase in temperature by approximately 30–50 °C (54–90 °F) over the span of only a few days. The fact that there are land masses located where they are in the northern hemisphere means that as those land temperatures increase, they transport their heat to even more northern latitudes.

The polar vortex, typically, is a single-cell or double-cell region concentrated at polar latitudes….

National Weather Service

The exact details of how this works are complex, but the explanation is simple: warmer land temperatures, particularly in northern North America and northern Eurasia, allow more heat to be transported into the Arctic stratosphere. A warmer Earth makes sudden stratospheric warming events more likely and more frequent. And those events destabilize the polar vortex, bring cold air down into the mid-latitudes, and cause the extreme weather we’re experiencing right now.

Con: Extreme Weather has always Occurred

Global warming does not cause an increase in the frequency or severity of cold weather events such as colder than normal winter outbreaks of “The Polar Vortex”. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports it is “very likely” that there have been fewer cold days and nights in recent decades.  The U.N. IPCC reports it is “virtually certain” that there will continue to be decreases in cold temperature extremes.

Climate alarmists frequently respond to polar vortex events and other extreme cold weather by claiming global warming is to blame. Not only does that defy common sense, it also defies scientific evidence and the findings of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC’s latest report says it is “very likely” that there have been fewer cold days and nights in recent decades and it is “virtually certain” that there will be “deceases in cold extremes” due to global warming.

Extreme cold spells have always occurred and likely always will. Blaming a “polar vortex” or other extreme cold events on global warming defies common sense, scientific observations, and the findings of the IPCC.

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